Goodbye Archaic Business Models and Hello to the Future

It’s things like being able to find a thread plug gauge for a small business that truly define what the Internet has to offer everyone from the individual to the multi-national big business. This is the exact reason, too, why we should do all that we can to strive to protect the Internet and access to the web in every way possible. With Verizon challenging Net Neutrality in the Supreme Court last year and the proceeding throwing out of Net Neutrality was thought to be a devestating blow to the Internet and yet the FCC has finally listened to the consumers and stepped up to the plate. » Read more: Goodbye Archaic Business Models and Hello to the Future

How China will be taking the smartphone market by storm

It has not been a secret to most people that China is not only making low quality products anymore. Where ten years back everybody seemed to think that it’s only rubbish that comes from China, now people start to trust the Chinese and purchase more and more products online. One of the markets that seems growing fast is Chinese smartphones.

The market for smartphones has been expanding greatly worldwide and certain brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony and Apple seem to be struggling to keep their market share. For years they had been growing but now, while the smartphone market growth continues, they seem to be losing shares. Reason? The Chinese.

Brands like Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo and Huawei produce great quality phones with killer specifications for a price that’s normally a few hundred dollars less than the prices we pay for our smartphones here. Where you buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 for around $600 dollar, a phone with similar specifications, the OnePlus One, costs $380 dollars with free shipping included.

Huawei is one of the brands that we start seeing outside of China. In Europe they have a vast share of mobile phone sales, and in mainland China they are one of the biggest company. Even bigger in China is the brand Xiaomi, which just took over first place in China.

As people start getting to know the Chinese brands more and more, we see the sales of the settled companies come to a halt where the Chinese brands are getting more attention and more sales. And if the prices of the brands that we buy now don’t change, we might as well be using a Chinese model as soon as next year!

Keep a good eye on the brands mentioned above, because you will be seeing them in your daily life soon. Huawei already sells its phones worldwide, and just few people missed the hype that OnePlus created around the OnePlus One. Oppo has big plans to go worldwide this year, as they just introduce the world’s first phone with a motorized camera called the Oppo N3. They also hold the title of ‘world’s thinnest phone’ with their Oppo R5.

If you want to stay ahead of the news about this topic we recommend you follow this website about Chinese smartphones.

How technology has brought survival of the fittest to online businesses

Technology has enabled potential clients to research products, services and companies in a way that previously was not available. Thirty years ago, we used to have onlydirectories where you could look up services such as the yellow pages and Thomson local. However technology and the internet has forever changed this.

Now when a service or product is needed we turn instantly to the internet and search for options. The search engines have been able to index millions of pages and sort them in seconds into a useable matrix of information. So now when a consumer looks for a service or product the internet provides an near instant search able directory of suppliers.

However  the best feature of all about technology is how a consumer gets to search for information about other consumers experiences with the product, service or company. Now at a time more than ever in the past you are able to get other users feedback on how their experience has been with a product, service or company.  For example a quest search for best international courier servicewill bring up dozens of results, but looking at the reviews will show you who really is considered the best most reliable courier to send a parcel to Spain through.

For example eBay operate a feedback system for all products that they facilitate the sale of. It ranks the seller and the product so that buyers can choose the right supplier for them. The commercial application of Darwin’s theory of evolution and the survival of the fittest. The firms with the best feedback, gets publicised by eBay more and the higher their feedback and positive reviews get the more consumers will be inclined to buy from them.

But eBay and amazon are not the only ways that consumers can find  out information about a business. There are multiple online review sites like and Here consumers can leave reviews for firms. Reviews left on independent websites such as these are trusted far more that reviews on a business’s own site.

Technology has also brought about a new age of social media. As well as a business reviews being left on reviews sites or sales channels. These are also being shared on social media. So good service can and is recommended to friends and family via social media sites such as Facebook and twitter.

So technology has enabled the reputation of a business, service and or product becomes known much more easily by potential clients. Ensuring that businesses focus on customer service, the client experience and